Steve Jennings

Steve Jennings should not be alive. He should not be able to help build multi-million dollar businesses, coach thousands of people worldwide, or invigorate audiences on stage.

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Crushed in a brutal car crash and left for dead on the side of the road, he should not be able to walk, to run, to win two United States Silver Medals, be an All-American champion athlete, or to advise Fortune 500 companies.
171Steve Jennings

Successful businessman, lawyer, corporate turnaround specialist, best-selling author, speaker and seminar leader in the achievement and leadership industries, Steve Jennings is a trusted consultant, advisor and mentor to some of the most successful individuals in the areas of business, education, sports, and life.

From high-level CEO’s, university presidents, Major League All-Stars, to NFL All-Pro’s and Hall of Fame athletes and Olympians, Steve’s highly sought guidance, strategic business experience and champion example has transformed the lives of thousands.

Steve helps people and their businesses with his vast experience and direction so that they can overcome challenges, achieve, make the wisest decisions and successfully bring together the many facets of what is required to attain sustained success and abundance in their personal and professional lives.

181However, Steve does this differently.

His Invincible Warrior seminars, teachings and trainings cover the real world aspects of Strategic Business Building from A to Z, as well as results driven Personal Development and Peak Performance. Steve provides people and companies with the experienced direction to overcome the odds and win in business, health, finances, relationships, and in life – all infused with his unique to-the-point, tough-love Invincible Warrior leadership style.

Steve has provided peak performance business building and leadership seminars and trainings for companies and entities such as:


  • Exxon – Mobil
  • Sony
  • Chevron
  • AT&T
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • USC
  • UCLA
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Texas Instruments
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America
  • American Express
  • The Los Angeles ISD
  • Whole Foods Market
  • The Dallas Cowboys
  • The United States Olympic Committee (USOC), and
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers

In working with these companies as well as many others, Steve has demonstrated results through their increased revenues and sales, profitable restructuring, greater workforce production, and their ability to powerfully gain the greatest from their present skills, strengths and talents.

And beyond the business world, Steve is a world ranked Masters track & field athlete – currently ranked No. 5 in the World in the multi-event Pentathlon, very much like the Olympic Decathlon.


The Pentathlon is a unique combination of running, sprinting, jumping, and throwing. The five events are the Long Jump, the Javelin, the 200 meter sprint, the Discus, and the final event “gut check”, the 1500 meter – in that order. Each event is done right after the other, and it requires a uniquely balanced combination of speed, strength, endurance, explosiveness, and overall athleticism.

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Steve was also a collegiate football player as well as championship football coach.

But for Steve, these successes didn’t come easy.

His start in life was anything but the best. He grew up in deepest dregs of poverty in South East Texas — having to eat out of trash cans for nearly 10 years to survive.

Neither his brothers or sister graduated from high school, but through it all, Steve became the top student-athlete of his high school, earning both academic and athletic college scholarships.

However, later on at the age of 27, while working in Europe, he was in that massive car wreck which left him dead on the side of the road and in a river of his own blood. After having no heartbeat or respiratory function for over 10 minutes – he somehow came back to life.15

But the life he would now face – with spinal cord damage and other severe multiple internal and external injuries leaving him bound to a wheelchair – taking four (4) years to walk normally again, and another 14 years to learn how to run well again, when the doctors said there was no chance – was now a life with monumental challenges.

And, Steve was not only physically shattered — he was also financially destroyed.

But after decades of incredibly uncommon persistence – maintaining a powerful vision along with equally powerful action — he overcame and achieved in incredible ways that most all said were impossible.

The way he overcame the odds and came back to such high degrees of financial as well as physical health was by living the powerful, no-nonsense success principles and masterful philosophies which are found within Steve’s soon to be released book, “The Way Of The Invincible Warrior, A Tough Love Philosophy for Overcoming and Achievement – From The Junkyard Millionaire.”

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Through his own journey to success, as well as through dedicating his life to guide thousands to overcome and become winners, achievers and champions in their lives, Steve has garnered the moniker – “The Junkyard Millionaire”

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