Meet Steve

s7Steve Jennings is a distinguished and inspirational speaker, business and productivity consultant to Fortune 500 companies, renowned health educator, and highly sought success coach to thousands.

His “tell-it-like-it-is” tough love style and powerful Invincible Warrior Trainingtm has helped thousands worldwide to overcome the “impossible”, make the most of second chances, achieve their greatest success and passionately live their dreams.

Born in southeast Texas into deep poverty — eating out of trashcans for nearly 10 years to survive — Jennings rose to academic, athletic and business success. Then, at the age of 27, was horribly crushed in a devastating car crash and found with no heartbeat or respiratory function — left for dead on the side of the road in a river of his own blood.

accident-largerNot only physically crushed, he was financially shattered with nowhere to turn. Steve lost all he had gained (finances/net worth, job/career) after he had worked his way out of childhood poverty.

The surgeons stated he’d never walk normally again due to his multiple internal, external and spinal cord injuries – with no chance of ever running again.

They said he was done, but he did not believe them. From his wheelchair, after four long years, he walked normally again.

s13The doctors said in the “real world”,even if he could walk again,he’d never again compete athletically at a high level.

Well, that so-called “real world”, to Steve, wasn’t such a great place. To him, it was just an excuse. And that wasn’t going to cut it.

It was a sorry justification for not fully facing your fears, exploring the unknown, and forging intelligently onward with the faithful and fighting spirit of a Warrior.

People constantly say things are “impossible”, but he knew that the state of faith allows no mention of impossibility.


steve-runningThrough it all, he fought intelligently, wisely and hard enough to become a financially successful businessman, then amazingly, after another 14 years learned how to miraculously run again. Today, he is a two-time United States Silver Medalist and All-American Masters Track & Field athlete.

This was part of his path towards understanding the life of becoming an Invincible Warrior– and the power of never giving up.

Steve’s also known as “The NO B.S. Personal Development Leader” and “The Bulldog for the Underdog.” Holding both Masters and Law degrees, he is a corporate turnaround specialist, though his passion is guiding others to overcome their greatest challenges, live to their greatest potential – and become winners at life by becoming Invincible Warriors.