“Steve Jennings’ example of life makes a difference in the walks of humanity. He deserves a little more than Silver Medals for his outstanding achievements. He deserves the award medal of LIFE. The world should have an award for the Invincible Warriors, and he is one of them. Mr. Jennings, I salute you Sir. You are an amazing human being and a Titan among us.”
– Gloria Reus

“Steve Jennings’ life is one of believing in the power within to overcome absolutely any resistance life my hand you. He is a true Hero and great role model. Everyone has a story but only few stay on the path to recovery to reach incredible dreams living out their legacy. Thank you for reaching into my heart and reminding me to never give up on your dreams.”
– Renee Maira

“I was in awe when I first met Steve Jennings about a year ago. He was in a car accident in Europe, left for dead…started walking again, and 18 years later, competed and achieved a United States Silver Medal and became an All-American in the multi-event sports Pentathlon! Now a successful businessman, lawyer and success coach, he recognized three entrepreneurs with the Invincible Warrior Award tonight: myself, Donnie Knips, and Steven Gendel. It was a truly humbling experience for me and big honor to be standing tall among these giants.”
– Emily Letran DDS., PhD

“The tough-love personal development maverick in the truest sense — though actually, he shares a ton of true love.”
– Emery Rollins

“Steve Jennings possesses powerful credibility.  That’s why I eagerly decided to take his Invincible Warrior Training. If someone was going to teach me about becoming an Invincible Warrior, I think they darn well better be one. It seems there are thousands of people that try to be “personal-growth” experts after they overcame a few challenges, attended a lot of motivational seminars, or read a bunch of books. They even may be pretty smart, enthusiastic, and have good intentions, but that doesn’t give them the deep and experienced credibility that only a life of extreme challenge and then triumph can establish. Steve Jennings learned “personal improvement” in the trenches.  His life of overcoming and remarkable triumph is a living testimony that only real life experience can provide. After working with him directly, I know this man has the strength and wisdom to lead a nation, so by working with him he can surely lead you to overcome and achieve the greatest within you.”
– James Kingsman

“After my first few modules of Steve Jennings’ Invincible Warrior Training, to my friends, I started calling him Captain Steve.  Yes, he knows all about success techniques, motivation and personal development info, but what he really teaches is flying lessons. He’s a no-nonsense leader who shows you how to soar and lift your life up to be the best that you can be.  He helps you rise up and defy gravity in more ways than one. He also demands a great deal, but it’s all done with your best interests in mind and good kind of tough love.  It’s more like he understands you and communicates just what you need to bring out the best in you.  In following his training, you get one incredible “aha moment” after another. A friend recommended his Warrior training, so I never knew his life story and all his challenges as I only found out afterwards.  Now I understand how he understands and sees things that others do not see. This man is a Warrior in mind, body and soul! If your goal is to overcome your challenges and become your best self in every way, he will lead you to victory.”
– Dorothy James

“Someone asked me, “Who is this Steve Jennings guy with his Invincible Warrior Training?” Well, as a doctor, surgeon, and Board Certified Anti Aging Medicine physician, I have become quite familiar with many specialists and experts that are active in personal development and peak performance throughout the United States. And I can professionally state that without question, Steve Jennings, though not a doctor possesses the greatest degree of total knowledge, expertise and understanding in the field of health and peak performance as compared to any life improvement specialist I have ever known. However, more important than his profound knowledge, what distinguishes him from all the others is that he is not just an intellectual and academic, he is an incredible real life example of all that ”peak performance” stands for. There’s quite a few people in the personal improvement industry that aren’t really all that “personally improved”, healthy and well.  You see, in the personal development and personal performance arena of so-called “experts”, most are seldom truly representing what they preach. With Steve Jennings, he stands as an exceptional example of peak performance, health, wellness, and the power of self-improvement principles properly applied. This man is the “expert’s expert” as he leads the field in the art of actually living what he teaches. Living it, breathing it, proving it – Steve Jennings is peak performance in action. He is the true mental, physical and soulful embodiment of everything that he teaches and shares with others. On the physical side, what’s most amazing is that he should not even be alive much less competing against the best in America as a top flight U.S. Masters Track & Field athlete on the national level. Somehow, he survived a near death ordeal suffering cervical spine, back, leg and other multiple internal injuries that should have rendered him at best crippled, yet this man not only learned how to walk again, he is today running and moving in a manner normally reserved for healthy young men and athletes in their 20’s and 30’s. He has faced death, but he not only survived, he has miraculously thrived. If you desire to be guided by a man who epitomizes greatness in the human spirit, one who has experienced and overcome challenges that few could ever imagine, then he is the man for your overall high performance living and personal improvement goals. I proudly give Steve Jennings my highest endorsement.”
– Dr. Linda M. Hillebrand, M.D.

“Recently, I met Steve Jennings. Let me tell you a little about this fascinating guy: He is 57 years old, charismatic, and he looks like a walking billboard for wellness and fitness. But he shouldn’t be alive.  He should be dead. In fact, he was pronounced dead from a near fatal accident.  It left him paralyzed for a long time, and it took him eighteen years to fully recover. Now, amazingly, he’s the No.1 Master’s Division Pentathlete in the United States, and is one of the Top 20 fastest sprinters in America for his age group. Pentathletes do the Long Jump, 200 meter sprint, throw the Javelin and the Discus and run the 1500 meters – all in about 4 hours time. Not bad for someone who was never supposed to have walked normally again. Steve Jennings is different.  He’s one of the few who walk the talk. Steve knows what being down is all about.  Anyone who fights eighteen long years to recover what he lost knows a little about pain, commitment and results. Most of us are lucky enough to lead able bodied lives until we near the end. But that luck may actually work against us, since it can lead to complacency. We simply don’t value what we take for granted. So we squander opportunities to improve our health when they are still available. Steve hit his physical bottom early in life. Now he treasures every day… every breath. kekich1We talked at length about how many people will die unnecessarily, because they take their health for granted. Why do you suppose that is?  Why do you suppose the vast majority ignore their health until it’s too late?  Steve will be quick to tell you it’s because it takes work.  Yep, there’s no free lunch.  At least not yet.  Someday, technology may allow us to eat whatever we want and live healthy, yet sedentary lives.  But for now, you’ll need to do some work. Maybe Steve’s injuries will end up being the best thing that ever happened to him.  Maybe facing death early in life instead of late in life gave him the awareness he needed to routinely invest in his health.  Do yourself a favor, and learn from his experiences and from his example.”
– David Kekich

“I have been on this earth for nearly 80 years as a student of life, university professor and successful businessman, and I have never come across a man with the collective knowledge regarding health, peak performance and matters that relate to life and personal achievement as that possessed by Steve Jennings. However, most importantly, I believe the depth and scope of his intellectual as well as practical street level knowledge and understanding of the world and humans is what truly sets him apart. I have known many brilliant people, but I have never known a man as thoroughly versed and that can speak as fluently on such a diverse number of topics as science, politics, philosophy, anthropology, art, anatomy, psychology, geography, history, nutrition, religion, athletics, human performance, personal achievement and so much more. I do not use these words lightly. If you desire to learn from an extraordinary modern day Renaissance man — a true Invincible Warrior — a master at making the most from the least and helping people make the most of their lives, then act upon all he can share with you.  My life has benefited incredibly, and your life can benefit beyond belief, too.”
– Thomas Madison

“Steve Jennings skillfully guides you towards transforming your life not only through his incredible understanding of human psychology and peak performance systems no matter whatyour age or purpose, but he uniquely guides you to transform your thinking, your mindset, and your beliefs of what can become, and what you can create. He gives you solid, tangible actions steps, but he also helps you create the vision of your best self and then transform that vision into reality. I’ve read and seen just about everything on self-growth and such, but Steve puts it all together like nobody I’ve ever seen.  He helped me finally “get it” so I could turn things into action and really begin being all I can be. The world could definitely use another million like Steve Jennings, but with him there’s only one. I can assure you, you have never met anyone like him.”
– Peter Weston

“I’ve known Steve Jennings since 1975 when he was 20 years old, and I know without a doubt he has dedicated his life to helping others better their lives.  His knowledge, his wisdom, his understanding didn’t come from having an easy life, or reading a lot of stuff.  As a result of a terrible accident he was left for dead but made it back when everybody said he couldn’t.  He’s a success today in so many ways. He’s one helluva dude, and I’d trust him with my life in a millisecond.  He’s the Warrior I’d want by my side. You can ask anyone who has ever known him well and they’d all have to say pretty much what I’ve said.  You can depend on him to help you make the best of your life.”
– Grover Morris

“Steve is my kind of guy. At last someone who refuses to live in a world full of hypocrites and “Hollywood gurus”, and dares to tell things the way they really are!!! Nothing hits home more than the truth, and it does set you free! He’s a true oasis in a desert of stupidity, greed, and bullshit!  Steve is for real.  Steve has always been for real. He doesn’t know how to be anything else. Thank you Steve for having the guts to speak the truth! I have learned so much from Steve Jennings.  Invaluable life lessons that will be with me forever, and that I will share with others so they can be their best. Most people have no idea what this man has gone through and had to endure to just be able to walk again, because to see him today he looks so fit. They don’t know the years of suffering, pain and uncertainty.  They only know he’s successful, awesomely healthy and an exceptional athlete for his age ranked among the highest in the World. But it wasn’t always this way.  Nothing was handed to him.  He fought, scratched and clawed his way back from a doomed existence for over two decades because he wouldn’t give up. I call him America’s Invincible Warrior! Steve Jennings can share with you much more than just a million insights about life performance and personal development, he can share with you from personal experience about overcoming and what it takes to beat the odds so you can overcome your challenges of all kinds and live your best life. There’s lots of personal improvement and success experts everywhere, but there’s nobody like this guy. The man’s been left for dead without a heartbeat, but somehow he came back. He is tough as hell, but what you sense most is the concern in heart. The guy cares. If you want to change your life for the better – just quit with the bullshit — then you need to hear it from a man who knows exactly what he’s talking about.”
– Johnny Marks

“The man blends toughness with love like no other. Simply put, he’s one helluva tough love leader with grounded wisdom leading us forward. Follow this “Chief” Warrior’s lead and you’ll be on your way to becoming a proud Warrior as well – and the lifetime of success you deserve.”
– Frank Wainscott

“There’s a darn good chance you’re sabotaging your own success. With Steve’s Warrior training, all the self-damaging crap will be in your past – fast! You’ll learn how to get out of your own way so you can get on with living your best and most abundant life. Steve gives you the brutally honest insights and direction you need to significantly advance every phase of your life.”
– Lawrence Walcott

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